Wednesday, August 13, 2008

When Good Girls Go Bad... pretties today at CKSD!! Well actually new pretties last night but I was too zonked to blog. :P

So I have to admit...when the idea hit me to do a more 'hardcore' version of the Gidget lingerie...the first person I thought of was Sasy. We've had many convos during the time I was making the original set (which btw...Sasy named) and since about how much we love ruffle-bum panties. :P

Making the Domina outfit was tons of fun...and so I really wanted to push on into something more of that style...and I loved the idea of a sexed-up version of a sweet lingerie set...and so it formed from there. 'Gidget X' is the result...a strappy, fetish-y, latex version of the original. The entire time I was working on it...I had no idea what I was going to call it...but used the 'working' title 'Gidget X' for the files...and after a few days it kinda grew on me. So...there she is. As in the Domina set...a nipply and non-nipply version of the top is included...and again at the great suggestion of Sasy...I included a version of the panties sans well as tons of layers per the usual. I really loved working on this one...AND...thanks to my friend Val for showing me where to find the awesome whip. :P <333

'Carrie' is a shorts set with a vest-style top. I wanted something versatile...and so the top is 'finished' to work with or without the babydoll ruffle. The top is also a great piece to wear over tee-shirts etc. It's a nice set made of basic pieces that'll stretch nicely but don't look 'basic' at all.

'Miranda' is a sweater-knit dress with a style that's very reminiscent of the 80's to me...the colorblock stripes...and the colors themselves...and just the style of the dress overall. It's sort of hard to see in the pics but the stripe pattern narrows to a series of thinner stripes down the body of the dress. I couldn't decide if I wanted to be short...or *really* I provided both options. The *really short* version can be worn sans glitch pants, if that's your thing. :P

'Gidget X' is $L265...'Carrie' is $L165/single or $L330/pack of 4...and 'Miranda' is $L170/single or $L425/pack of 5...all avaialble now at the CKS Designs Main Shop in Selby, as well as SL Exchange & OnRez.



Gidget X Ad:
Skin - Fleur: Vivant Biba 2 in Buff, Hair - HCT: Hara in Red, Shoes - Kitties Lair: Francine Mary Janes in Black, Earrings - UnTone: Silver Earring, Whip - Dictatorshop: Bullwhip

Carrie Ads:
Skin - Fleur: Vivant Marni 3 in Buff, Hair - Zero Style: Yui in Auburn, Shoes - Jaywalk: Misha in Onyx, Necklace - Miriel: Secret Necklace in Antique Gold & Diamond, Bracelet - Lassitude & Ennui: Love Conquers All Bracelet in Gold & Moonstone

Miranda Ads:
Skin - Fleur: Vivant Dig Ophelia 3 in Buff, Hair - Calla: Marshmellow in Chestnut, Shoes - Canimal: Gothdamn Stilettos in Black, Jewelry - Caroline's Jewelry: Gold Circles (Necklace & Earrings)

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