Thursday, August 14, 2008

Stuff 'n Crap

So...about a monthish or so ago I blogged about our CKSD shop rebuild...basically saying ''s done'...and not much else. :P

Therefore...I thought it was about time I talk just a bit about the entire scope of that project...we started it in the spring...and it just seems like the summer has flown by so fast...just catching up and keeping up has been a task! ;)

So...I had taken quite a break from designing...I did a few things around V-day...paticipated in the RFL clothing fair...and beyond that had just really needed a break from all of it. Instead...I had been spending my time on DiVAS...working with CC on the new sim we got for our homes...and just...kicking back and enjoying SL some. :)

However...when the time came around and CC started working on the new shop (which is faboo...she outdid herself with the new build!)...I realized there were a few other projects I needed to tackle before turning back to creating new content...I call them my two hell-projects. :P

One was a total assessment of my CKSD WHEEEEEEE I had not realized how much inventory I really had until I started in on it. I knew I had a lot of older content that was not up really to my current standard of work...and I felt it needed to be retired or repriced accordingly. The result of this is...upstairs in the new shop there's a 'Bargain' section with drastically marked-down/freebie older stuffies. Assessing...repricing...relisting on SLX/OnRez...all of that was just a huge time eater...and it took a while to push through it.

In addition/concurrently with that was the fact that we decided to re-do the old ads to be more in line with the new shop design as well as more uniform overall. Since CC was already busy to the hilt with the build itself...I tackled that job...and...once again...helllll project. Recutting all of the ads...reuploading...redoing the vendors...and then updating the pics on SLX/ was all just a huge job...what a sigh of relief I breathed when that last pic went up on OnRez. :P

So...there's that...there's updating some rental spots which I hadn't touched in a while...bleh blah...and then of course today I've been working on updating the 'ol blog here...I had tons of broken links etc...removed some things...added some things...put in some dynamic link lists which I looooooooooooooove...and generally cleaned it up a bit. Now if only I could figure out how I managed to uncenter the entire thing...

/me sighs

Anyhow there you ramble for the day...just updating y'all on my SL and STUFF.

I need food. :P <333

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Dot Lane said...

The new store and the new clothes are gorgeous and football season is just around the corner and woooooo hooooo!!!!!