Tuesday, August 05, 2008

A Little Sweet...A Little Spicy...

YAYYYy...a couple of late releases tonight @ CKSD...chock full of cute & sexy goodness!!

So...I love trying out new things...experimenting etc...and I've been wanting to delve into something like this for a little while. Hence tonight's first release, 'Domina'...a latex-y...skin-baring coat that comes with a little (very little :P) pair of booty shorts (though I find it equally at home with a pair of jeans). The coat has an open front...with cut-outs in the front and back. The version in the ad is a bit uhmm...nipply...but, at the excellent suggestion/request of the lovely Sasy...a more 'modest' coat is also included sans nipple effect. (A funny request for someone whom, on first viewing said...'dip the back more...show a little crack'...:P). I had a lot of fun working on this one...so maybe I'll delve a little more in the future...we shall see. Here's a piccie! <33

Today's other release is completely different from Domina...a cute little ballet-inspired sundress that I chose to call 'Sorbet' because that's what the colors reminded me of. The dress has a simple tank-style bodice with ribbon trim at the waist & zipper detail in the back, with a sweet little girly skirt overlayed with tulle and tried off with a big bow in the back. The dress is very short...but...if you're so inclined...it's perfectly wearable sans the included glitch pants. ;) She comes in 5 sweet & yummy colors...and here are a cpl piccies for your viewing pleasure: :P

'Domina' is $L245 & 'Sorbet' is $L140 single/$L350 pack of 5...available now at the CKS Designs Main Shop in Selby, as well as SL Exchange & OnRez.

Happy shopping!! <3333


Domina Ad: Skin - Fleur: Vivant Biba 2 in Buff, Hair - Boon: HNB27 in Chestnut, Shoes - J's: Real Toe Ankle Belt Sandals in Black

Sorbet Ads: Skin - Fleur: Parfait Deux 2 in Strawberry, Hair - Gurl6: Jawbreaker2 in Dark Brown, Shoes - Armidi: Sasche Flats in Black, Jewelry - Canimal: Candy Collection in Cupcake.


Sasy Scarborough said...

lmao you outted me , it't hot and yay for both versions...dobber dobber lol you look sexy as usual.

xox Sasy xox

Anonymous said...

omgosh.. must have nipplage... *counts her pennies* Beautiful work!

Kit Maitland said...

hahha...yesh Sasy I had to out you...cos the comment was too funny not to :P...but ty for your input as always...it's invaluable...and you're a dollie!

Thanks so much Elusyve!!! It's always fun to step outside the norm...and I always appreciate encouraging comments!! <33333

Jim Honey said...

Yay for nipplage!

Kit Maitland said...

Jim hearts bewbies.