Thursday, February 08, 2007

You gotta break a few hearts...

...if you wanna make an omelette. Or hm...something like that.

It's been a lil while since I did a schoolgirl I thought it was just about time...and I did up this little number in the spirit of the season, so to speak. ;)

It's a cute & sassy little (yesh, it's pretty little o.O) outfit for all the tough girlies out there (ok...maybe for us girls who like to play tough sometimes) & I decided to call it 'Heartbreaker'. I put little heart details into the argyle texture...and little heart-shaped accents here and there...and even a little skirt pin in the skirt. Anyways...I'm pretty happy with how this one turned out!!

Of course it's available at CKS Designs, as well as SLexchange & SLboutique for $L200...or up to half price if you get that MobVend thing going. :)

I'll leave y'all with a piccie...happy Thursday!! <33

Pretties: Skin - Celestial Studios: Charmed Tone 20 in Infrared, Hair - Wig Out: Abby in Black Cherry, Shoes - Celestial Studios & Dazzle: Frolic Shoes, Jewelry: Gurl 6: Kitty Collar in Silver (choker) & Silver Hoops (earrings).

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