Friday, February 09, 2007

Are you ready to get pwnd?!!

If so, you're in luck...step right up!!

Haver Cole & Saeya Nyanda have just released this week the premiere issue of their new monthly SL lifestyle magazine 'pwnd'...and it's chock full of fascinating stories & interviews, & fab photo shoots.

Pwnd focuses on one aspect of Second Lifestyles each month, giving us an in depth view of the people, places, & things associated with the lifestyle. The premiere issue is all about 'alts'...and all the dirty little secrets people use their alts to hide (among other things)! ;)

You can pick up an in world copy of pwnd magazine at CKS Designs, or at any number of locations whre vendors are out. The magazine is totally free...all you have to do is click the vendor to recieve your copy. If you'd prefer to read via your browser, you can go to to get your fix!!

Seriously, it's a great read...a very revealing & intriguing look into the world of alts and why people have them. I can't wait to see how I'm gonna get pwnd next month! ;)


Now y'all stop reading my incoherencies and go get pwnd!! <3333

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