Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Dear Lindens:

Please don't break our grid. Kthx.

In the meantime...before I head out the door for the morning...since LL is forcibly prying me from my SL...a cpl things I love in SL today! :D <333

1) The New Fevrier Skins at Tete a Pied:

The one shown here is the 'Fire' makeup in the Redhead tone. XOMG!!! OK so does *anyone* do eye makeup like Ros?!! I think not!! The sultry, strong black liner paired with the vivid blended colors is just an amazing look. (ok well the entire skin is amazing...but...those eyes...just to die for)

2) Hair from Calico Creations:

Big...gorgeous...smexxxy hair...unique styles...fantastic textures...I am totally in love with this place...ty to Phay for recommending it to me!!! I would've gotten more pics/styles but THEY WERE TAKING AWAY MY GRID!!!! *whine* This particular one is called 'Amber' & the texture is 'sunset' me...all you hair junkies out there will love Calico! :D


Pray for the grid! <33

Pretties: Skin - Tete a Pied: Fevrier Redhead in Fire, Hair - Calico Creations: Amber in Sunset, Shirt - Laundry: Cheongsam Print Dress in Check, Pants & Belt: Nyte & Day: Bubblegum Blue Pantset & Belt Pack Two in Black, Jewelry - Tickled Pink: Fur Cuff Watch; Shiny Things: Single Stone Bracelet in Gold w/Smoky Quartz; Nevermore: Onyx Skull Armband & Gold Hoopies earrings.

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