Thursday, October 04, 2007

YEEYYYYYY for shopping!!! <333

So I took some time yesterday to do a little long-neglected shopping and it's been soooo long since I posted up anything besides my own stuffs...that I just wanted to take a minute to share some of my favoritist things this week!! :D

The blouse from Janie Marlowe of Mischief's new *Invested* outfit:

Seriously...I just about flipped when I saw this one. Everyone knows what a fan I am of retro clothing...and this is just perfection. Absolute. Total. Perfection. Here I paired it with one of my own Amarantine skirts. (I cheated and made a lil pair of default texture undies to hide the teenie gap between the shirt bottom and skirt waistband...shhh)

The Mooie Vogel dress from Nicky Ree of Designing Nicky Ree:

All I can say is WOW. As soon as I saw this on the blog feed I knew it was DESTINED to be mine. All I can say gorgeous & stunning as it is in the pics you've's 283470237527502703720 moreso 'in person'. Amazing work from an amazing designer.

The Casablanca Set from Fiachra Lach of Essentia:

Hlep!!! Does Fia have a blog?!! My friend Sasy gave me this set as a gift because she felt it matched the Amaratine pieces so well...and I have to say I was totally blown away when I tried it on. Not only does it perfectly capture that sort of 'Ali McGraw in Love Story' retro feel that I think Amarantine has...but seen up close...the detail and intricacy is just absolutely stunning!!

The Rizzo's Poodle Skirt set from Rose Farina of Rose Petal Creations:

Hi this will come as such a shock but I LOVE retro clothing!! This set is so adorably cute...what a nice twist to give us a more 'bad girl' version of the classic poodle skirt. Who among us doesn't have a little Rizzo in her just waiting to bust out? ;)

My new Leather Vixens Pumps from Tesla Miles of Tesla.

Yesh I love shoes. (Hello I'm a girl duh.) Yesh I especially love black stilettos. Yesh I am always on the lookout to spot a pair of black stilettos with a great shape to them. Yesh...these are fabulous! ;)

Okies done rambling for now...I need Starbucks. <3333


All Pics: Skin - Tete a Pied Vivant: Octobre 1 in Buff

'Invested' & 'Casablanca' Pics: Hair - ETD: Amber in Fire Burnt, Glasses - DirtChild: DC_glasses

'Mooie Vogel' Pic: Hair - ETD: Anisa in Auburn

'Rizzo' Pic: Hair - ETD: Chalisa II in Copper Burnt


Anonymous said...

lol too funny, for so many reasons but YAY I knew it would look fab with that set as I was wearing it with the Navy at the time and wow, also I bought the Rizzo too how adorable is it, as well as those Tesla Vixens they rock I was wearing Caramel all day the first day and well into the second because the colours are fantastic , and Yay the green was a definite winner lol

xoxox Sasy xoxo <3

Anonymous said...

Heeeee Thanks!

I love the pieces of your set I see peeping here and there too! The Eggplant and Merlot plaids <3

Kit Maitland said...

It's absolutely perfect Sasy!! Does Fia have a blog? I couldn't find one to link! :(

Heee Rose...I haven't taken it off completely for like two weeks...until I tried on yours and Nicky's newness!! Thanks!!! <33

GTV said...

Love the shoes. Make sure they're always the last thing you take off ;)

Kit Maitland said...

...who says I ever hafta take em off?!!!! ;)