Wednesday, October 24, 2007


So a couple of thoughts on tonight's CSI:NY Episode which featured SL...nothing even approaching spoilers here so left coasters need not worry.

I've been watching CSI for years now...from the start of the original (Vegas-set) show. ..and of course I'm clearly addicted to SL so I was intrigued to see how it would play out.

While I applaud CBS' efforts at really making a splash and working at establishing a presence in SL that will probably appeal to the fans of their shows...especially in light of the nonsplash so many rw brands have made coming into SL, I gotta a CSI episode, I felt it was pretty it was obviously a lot more geared as a 'vehicle' to introduce SL with a pretty light plotline. In fact...Law & Order: SVU totally PWNED them by already airing an episode this season with a much richer and more intriguing storyline that involved a fictional virtual world that closely mirrored SL.

Also...there was an instance in the show which the subscriber info provided to the NYPD by LL proved bogus. It's too bad they didn't explore that as a REAL issue that could be exacerbated by LL's 'open registration' policy. For a series that's made its reputation on edgy & topical content, I was disappointed that one was allowed to slip by.

Oh...and yah I WANT Mac's SWEET humongoscreen/mini kb set up!!!!


Tenshi said...

Oh, you mean you were screaming "YOU CANT DO THAT IN SL BY DEFAULT" at the television as well?

Kit Maitland said...

haha...well no I wasn't cos I pretty much expected they'd take some liberties with it