Monday, October 01, 2007

Fall Has...Fallen?

Some new pretties out tonight...a new fall separate collection that started out so innocently as a coat...then turned into an outfit...then sort of grew into this huge thing that I've been obsessed with for the past week. ;)

Called 'Amarantine' (a name suggested by my friend & fellow designer Phay)...the collection includes coats, sweaters in both a scoop-neck & turleneck style, pants, skirts, & tights. The turtleneck sweaters include some pretty little ribbons tied round the waist with little flexiprim bows to finish them off.

I had so much fun working with some rich fall colors & textures...jewel tones...plaids...wools...fuzzy knits and girlie satin...and I really tried to make this a great set of separates that's as mixable, matchable, stretchable, and versatile as possible. There are TONS of layers included with each the shirts can be untucked or tucked in...can be layered with one another as well as the coats...the waist ribbons are layered with the turtlenecks but also come on a separate layer so you can wear them with other things. (The turtlenecks also include a layer with no ribbon.) Hopefully y'all enjoy wearing them & finding new combos as much as I've enjoyed putting them together!! <333

They're available right now at my main shop, CKS Designs in Selby. I'll get them up on SLX & OnRez at some point this week. ;)

Prices vary depending on what you want. There's a hugeass you-can't-miss-it display in the big building at the shop, right next to the new release rack that lets you buy single pieces according to color and type (the 'singles' are actually color pairs...everything comes in a set of two coordinating colors). The display also has discounted packs of all pieces of one type(ie an all colors coat pack) and all pieces in one color scheme (there are 5 color schemes)...and of course the big fat pack that has all pieces in all colors and will have you unpacking and sorting layers until spring. :P

So that's about it for me for now. It's about time to go watch/drool over Tom Brady.

I'm including some more pics of the's really impossible to give you 'A PICTURE' it's just ideas of what's available and how they can be mixed, matched, & layered!! Happy Monday everyone!!!! <3333333333

Pretties: Skin - Tete a Pied: Vivant Octobre 1 in Buff, Hair - ETD: Amber in Auburn Burnt, Shoes - Enkythings: Talyn in Black (Pumps) & Pinson in Black (Boots), Glasses - DirtChild: DC_glasses.


Carissa said...

Oh. MY. GOSH!!! Love it!! Need it!!!

Heidi said...

Oh Kit! These are so pretty. I must have them all. Thank you for your hard work.

Dot Lane said...


You are the bestest! I'm glad to see all the work has paid off....I'll hang with you any time!

Kit Maitland said...

Thanks thanks so much ladies...I'm so glad peeps are enjoying them!!

And THANK YOU Dot for listening to me whine for the past week! :P

Arianna Psaltery said...

Bought the whole fat pack. I can't miss a chance for mixing and matching :D Also IMed you a question about pricing ;D

Anonymous said...

I am in lurve with this set! :D

Ana Lutetia said...

This set is SOOOO gorgeous!!

Kit Maitland said...

awww thanks thanks Ana...good to have you back!!