Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Holy Issues Batman!

Hey everyone!!

Thanks so much out there for the positive response to the Amarantine Collection...all the nice words I've gotten make me smiley...I'm always happy when ppl like something I've made!!

There have been a few issues...a cpl ppl have said the Fat Pack vendor won't work. I've gotten reports also that the Equinox Pack was missing the Scoopneck Sweaters and the Indian Summer pack rezzed an empty folder for the Turtlenecks.

I'm headed in world now to check/fix/rectify these issues...but please don't hesitate to drop me an im or notecard if you bought something and had other issues!!

Besides having trouble with my brain sorting and packaging the massive load of STUFF...when I was packaging yesterday SL was being incredibly weird (I know..shocking) so I'm not really SURPRISED if there are a couple snags...but Imma get em ironed out quickly!! ;)



Tenshi said...

That new stuff is abfab, Kit! I'll be buy to pick it all up this weekend, or as soon as my computer is fixed....

Kit Maitland said...

tyty Miss Tenshi...but your computer is sick? Wahhh! :(