Sunday, June 03, 2007

Come Play for RFL!!!

Helloooo out there!!!

I hope everyone's planning on coming out to the Relay For Life Midway Fair today!!! Second Life's RFL teams have been hard at work creating great games & contests as well as some wonderful, limited-release items that you can feel GREAT about buying...since 100% of the proceeds are going directly to Relay For Life!! There's a little something for please come out and help support a wonderful cause!!

Here's a little preview of some of what my RFL team, Meet The FOC'ers, has to offer!! You can check it out live and in person here!! ;)

Frans Charming, our captain, has set up this gorgeous Zen Garden to display our wares...the garden itself (and trust IS gorgeous, much moreso than a pic can do justice) will also be for sale! ;)

Armath Severine has this uber cute pink GloWorm & Toy Wagon...get it while you can!!

Kisa Naumova's made some stunning limited editon artwork that I'm totally coveting!!

Check out these incredibly detailed special edition swords from Amulius Lioncourt!! (I particularly love the one with the pink rose! :D)

From CKS Designs...I've put out a couple of sets of fresh, summery baby doll tops...just released today!! They come in packs of set is tube-style tops, while the other is bright, vivid, tropical prints with matching bangle bracelets for each. (The bracelets are also great, fun, summery pieces to wear with just about anything!) Also, the tops can be worn with or without the flexiprim babydoll ruffles. Each set (6 tops + matching bangles) is $L250!!

Also, the Undies For Life sets which were released in April are available!!

The fair is officially on from 1:00pm - 7:00pm game time...but the sims are open now and there's lots to see, do, and buy already!! I'm not sure how long the builds will remain up once the event officially get out while you can!! Of course all the items you see here (and more more more!!) will ONLY be available until the 2007 SLRFL campaign is over in get 'em while they're hot!!!

Here's your landmark...come play, shop, and be a part of the cure!!

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