Monday, June 11, 2007


Gots some new stuffies I did for the Carl Crabe show over the weekend...that I'm *finally* blogging about! ;)

I'm sort of excited about these outfits...#1 because I really love them all and #2 because a couple of them represent my first (and maybe last lol) foray into making shoes. They're all 60's/retro/mod-style outfits...and I had a lot of fun just playing with textures and prims and imagination when putting them together. Hopefully y'all enjoy them as much as I have!!

Those out there who know me know that I work frequently in this genre of fashion...I love the boldness and creative freedom it allows...and so when it came to naming this time I decided to use the names 3 of the most influential fashion districts of 60's London...really the birthplace & center of 'mod' fashion at the time.

'Chelsea' is a white babydoll-style minidress with a crocheted layer over a linen lining. I love how this one came out...the bodice has a very delicate look...and I love how the layers work together in the skirt. White knee-high vinyl boots are also included...and earrings and a bangle bracelet in a black/white geometric print to break up the allll white of the dress a bit. This one is prolly my fave of the three...definitely a very tradtional 60's look...anddd here's a piccie! :)

'Kensington', to me, has a bit more of an edgy, dramatic feel. It's a one-piece shorts suit/romper-style outfit in black crepe with sheer black sleeves, lots of ruffles, and a low-slung belt. I decided to use black/white polka dot patterns for the accent textures...I felt it gave it a bit more of a dramatic contrast and geometric look. The shoes, platform wedges which also feature the polka-dotted textures & earrings are also included. Clearly I'm not the best shoemaker on the grid (well..or even close..haha)...but I did have fun with these and hopefully I'll get better in the future. Mostly, this outfit is all about the fun, sort of outrageous & dramatic side of mod fashion...and I really had a lot of fun creating it. Here's a piccie!! ;)

Last up is 'Soho'...which is a bit dressier and a whole lot brighter than the others! It's a satin minidress with a keyhole bodice, gradient color scheme and a paisley pattern that's sparse on top and 'falling' to a concentrated border on the skirt hem. A sheer, tulle, 'trapeze-style' skirt (also with the same gradiated color and paisley trim) flows gracefully over the satin...falling a bit further onto the thigh. (Glitch pants are included...cos mesh skirts w/o glitch pants make me weep!! :/). A matching satiny bangle bracelet is also included...along with a choice of 5 vibrant, bold colors. 60's fashion is currently very hot in the rw right now...and to me this dress represents a bit of a modern take on the genre...and would even be right at home with a pair of leggings beneath to dress it down a bit! Anywhoooo...piccies belowwww!!! :)

They're all available at CKS Designs in Selby, and will be on SLexchange, & SLboutique sometime tonight...pending my procrastinatory abilities, which are considerable. Chelsea & Kensington are $L350 each...and Soho is $L200 single/$L500 pack of 5.

HAPPYYY MONDAAYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111111111111111111oneoneoneoneone


Chelsea Ad: Skin - Lovey's Boutique: Honey in Aemilia, Hair - Armidi: The Poynter in Ginger I.

Kensington Ad: Skin - Celestial Studios: Charmed Tone 20 in Sea, Hair - ETD: Modish in Burgundy Burnt.

Soho Ads: Skin - Tete a Pied: Redhead in Trendy Copper, Hair - ETD: Mary in Copper Burnt, Shoes - ETD: Ballet Wedges (Color-Change), Earrings - Kitty's Rampage: Dangle Disc Earrings (Various Colors).


Anna D. said...

Nice gradient on "Soho" -- it must have been killer to do.

Kit Maitland said...

Thanks Anna...I put a lot of work into the textures for Soho...and I'm very happy with how the overlay came out!!