Thursday, October 26, 2006

New Dress!!

So I've just been in the shop today doing some major rearranging blah...but did manage to put out a new dress in the midst of it all!

Sol Columbia's exquisite Vixen dress (as well as much of her other incredibly detailed work) has made me want to play around more with my own textures. So add to that the desire to work with a longer skirt...and pleats...and the Uptown dress is what came out.

It's a haltery topped dress (sort of a lot of my dresses seem to end up being) with a wraparound/tie front and a knee-length pleated prim skirt in a sort of knit jerseyish fabric. It's available in 5 colors at $L200 per or $L500 for the set. You can check it out at CKS Designs.

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