Saturday, October 28, 2006

New Sim...New Outfit!!

Sooo...I put this out last night but you too distracted and forgot to BLOG doh!

This outfit is called 'Imogen' in honor of my friend Haver's shiny new sim which opens *officially* tomorrow! (It's really open NOW tho SO if you HAVEN'T checked it out then GOOO NOWWW ffs!)

So anyhows the outfit has a strapless top that can be worn a few different ways...with a beaded & mesh options...longer & shorter....a teenie shrug with sleeve extenders (cos I heart longgg sleeves)...some plaid pants (cos YES I also heart plaiddd) and a knee-length flexiprim skirt. It's done in a purply silkish glittery silvery plaidish beaded meshy mix of fabric. You can get it at the main shop or OF COURSE in IMOGEN!!!!

Also check out the sexay Trillian Granville in da pic...thanks to her for modeling. (/me says for the 8 cajillionth time...HEART THAT HAIR!!!!!).

....what? You're still here? GO TO IMOGEN!!!!

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