Wednesday, October 08, 2008

New tonight at CKS Designs...a dress I'm really excited about! ;)

I started out with the idea for the blouse...sleeveless with a sheer top...and a big sculpted bow on the neck. Then I wanted a sexy skirt to go with with a slit over one thigh. Sooo a few days of playing around with first the blouse...then the skirt...and then I decided a garter belt w/some sexy stockings would set it off nicely. I decided to call it 'Savoy'...and made it as versatile as possible...lots of layers...a blouse that works tucked in or out...a skirt that has a waist that sits normally plus an overlay to give it an optional high waist...and the garters that are going to work under lots of your favorite skirts...or even with your favorite panties if you so desire. :P

ALSO...I have a special treat in the ads...a sneak peak of one of the new Fleur Allure skins. The face is gorgeous (of course..what else would we expect from Ros & CJ? ;) )'s a shame I put on clothes...b/c the body on this skin is teh HOT. More peekies to come...release is still about 2 weeks get ready. :P

SO...leaving you with some piccies...they're available at the CKS Designs Main Shop in Selby as well as SL Exchange & OnRez...$L275/single or $L640/pack (skirt & garter/stockings plus 7 blouses). Happy Wednesday!! <333


Skin - Fleur: Allure Kitten #1, #2, & #3, Hair - ETD: Cora in Tawny, Shoes - Kitties Lair: Francine Mary-Janes in Black, Earrings - Diva Designs/Phaylen Fairchild - Dreamcatchers in Hope.


Ana Lutetia said...

OMG! This is so hawt and so stylish!! Love it! <3

Jim Honey said...

Hey, wait... Can we get a pic w/o clothes too then?