Friday, October 17, 2008

Falling In Love With Fleur

So...after MUCH anticipation...the release of the new Fleur Allure skins is imminent!! The launch is planned for this coming Sunday (10/19/08) at noon game time at the Fleur main shop. For now...I wanted to give you a little sneakie peekie! ;)

I've been so excited about Roslin & CJ's new skin line ever since they started I have long been a devotee of Fleur skins. And I have to say...everyone is in for such a treat with the newness. These skins are a bit more photorealistic than former Fleur skins...the faces are of course gorgeous as ever...and the bodies...well...they're just incredible. Overall the skins have a very vibrant quality...distinct and striking. I'll admit I had a bit of trouble at first. As we always are...I was sort of unsure on a changeover to a skin that was fairly different to what I had been wearing...and I had to do some minor tweaking of my nose and mouth before I was really happy with how they sat on my were they ever worth the effort!

In the pic above...I'm wearing my favorite of the new makeups...'Fall In Love' #2, in the Cinnamon skin tone. I really wanted to show off more that just the faces on these exquisite I figured...what better excuse to prance around in lingerie and take pics of myself...RIGHT?!! :P One of the things I love is the gorgeous tummy...very defined but not overdone...and the belly button is marvy. Also the cleavage is fab...and the COLLARBONE...omg...the collarbone is to die for. Of course the face...also very very very gorgeous. ;)

Being a redhead...I'm definitely a freckle girl...and there are some gorgeous freckly skins. Here I'm wearing 'Kit' #1 in the Cinnamon skin tone. Again you can get a great view of that gorgous collarbone here...and just the overall tone of the skin is just shines marvelously in windlight.

Also...since we're checking out the bod...let's not forget the rear view! Two of my fave features are on display here...the beautifully sculpted shoulder blades...and the OMG CUTE AS HELL butt dimples! This skin is also in the Cinnamon favorite of the new tones...altho they are all just so beautifully smooth...I know I'll be wearing some of the lighter ones from time to time.

This is 'Kitten' #1 in the Cinnamon tone. I love the highlighting on the eyes and the gorgeous red well as the aforementioned glow on the body itself...just total yumness!!

And...last but certainly not least...another of my favorites among the newness...'Smudged' #3 in the Cinnamon tone. Just a reminder that with all the buzz about the new bodies...those faces are still as flawless and exquisite as they come. ;)

As a reminder, you can nab yourself some of these beauties...and many more...starting at Sunday, October 19, at noon game time at the Fleur main shop!!


Pic #1: Skin - Fleur: Allure Fall In Love #2 in Cinnamon, Hair - 69: Model Hair 01 in Auburn, Lingerie - Rebel Hope: Lalique Bra & Panties in Silky Pink

Pic #2: Skin - Fleur: Allure Kit #1 in Cinnamon, Hair - Detour: Hazy in Red, Lingerie- CKS Designs: Pristine

Pic #3: Skin - Fleur: Allure Kitten #1 in Cinnamon, Hair - ETD: Davina II in Scarlet Burnt, Lingerie - Insolence: Lily in Red Satin

Pic #4: Skin - Fleur: Allure Kitten #1 in Cinnamon, Hair - ETD: Eva II in Auburn, Lingerie - Insolence: Alice in White

Pic #5: Skin - Fleur: Allure Smudged #3 in Cinnamon, Hair - Curio: Lovely in Auburn, Lingerie - CKS Designs: Cherished in Pink.

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