Tuesday, October 21, 2008

New Essentials!

Ok so I'm a lazy blogger & released some newness yesterday @ CKSD but didn't blog 'til today. ;)

After I made Essential Sweater Dress, I started thinking that I might consider other pieces that are designed in the same vein...that is...not really to be *outfits* or separates made to be the *focus* of an outfit...but more basic pieces designed to be used for layering, building, & accenting. I consider it sort of a project for me to work on over time...building an inventory of versatile little essentials in a variety of color options...something I work on as the ideas come...and hopefully something people out there find to be useful little staples of their SL wardrobes.

Soooo...what I have today is the Essential Wrap Sweater. It's just the sort of thing you love to have, especially in the spring and fall...to throw on over a shirt...to dress up your jeans a bit...to toss into your car so you can pull it out and put it on later in the evening when the air gets a bit chilly. It's sexy & smart, a piece that's equally at home with slacks, skirts, or jeans...casual or more dressy...work or play. I decided to make my version a bit cropped...with a wrap front that'll show off whatever you want to wear beneath it nicely...but that will also nicely show off your cleavage if you wanna throw it on and go out to a club. I topped it off with sculpted sleeve poofs that hit just above the cuffs...and made the sweaters themselves modifiable just in case you want to shorten the sleeve cuffs and just have the poofs with whatever you wear beneath peeking out.

It comes in 22 yummy colors (and a 23rd color *just* for CKSD group members)...and it's available in singles or color packs at the CKS Designs Main Shop in Selby as well as SL Exchange & OnRez. Singles are $L90, 3-Color Packs are $L165, or you can get the whole Kit & Kaboodle for $L865. I'm leaving you with some piccies to show the color range available!! Happy Tuesday!!! <33333

...and...the teal...only available to CKSD Group members:

Skin - Fleur: Allure Lounge #1 in Cinnamon, Hair - ETD: Tiana in Dirty Burnt, Jeans - CKS Designs: Ligeia Jeans in Extreme Fade

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Anonymous said...

LOVE these sweaters!!! Which is why I blogged em, YAY!


*pom poms*