Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Top 12!!

Sooo the AI top 12 is upon us!!...and last night they were tasked with performing a Beatles song of their own choosing. Results were mixed...and if you wanna hear my opinions on em...and add some of your own....have a clickie below then! ;)

So hmm I think today...I'm going to go in order from my favorite performance to my least favorite...all songs courtesy of Lennon & clips provided for your listening pleasure! ;)

1) Chikezie - She's a Woman

All I can say is WOW!! After the Whitney fiasco last week...and seeing as how I've not liked him much at all during the preliminaries...I was all for cutting him loose before the top 12. But this was just....WOW!! I'm glad he at least got the chance to show he could do this...but I wonder now which Chikezie we'll see from here on out...

2) David Cook - Eleanor Rigby

Like last week...what an incredibly modern arrangement of an older (in this case MUCH better than last week's :P) song. I listen to this and could be a single I'd hear on the radio today. He reminds me a lot of Chris Daughtry...but let's hope he can overcome the comparison!

3) Carly Smithson - Come Together

Funny...before Simon said it...I was thinking...a lot like Kelly Clarkson. Everything about this performance was fabulous imo...incredible vocals...great stage presence...great all came together beautifully!

4) Brooke White - Let It Be

She doesn't have a big 'diva' voice...but she does have such a connection with the song and with the music when she sings. I love that she uses's a very natural thing with her...and I love the quiet intensity she has in her voice. She'd never be powerhouse like Kelly Clarkson or Carrie Underwood...but she has a really great the judges have noted...more like a Carly Simon. I <333 her!!!

5) Jason Castro - If I Fell

I think...much like Brooke...Jason is just an incredibly emotional singer who really connects with the song. It's not a 'big voice' sort of's very quiet and intimate and real...yet not plain or boring. I hope he's around for a long time!

6) Amanda Overmeyer - You Can't Do That

Amanda has been my personal favorite among the women from the start. I just love her voice...her personality...everything about her. I loved that she changed up the song to suit her style...and loved the delivery and performance. It was somewhat on and off pitchwise in parts but...I'm rooting for her to push through to the final two!

7)Michael Johns - Across The Universe

Wellll. He's been one of my faves from the start...really my personal fave among the males. His performance on this was...good...but really it relied so much on his amazing stage presence...and that imo made it seem so much better than it really was. I think on someone with less would've come off as very, very boring.

8) Ramiele Malubay - In My Life far as pitch she's dead on...sings's just...b o r i n g. *yawn*
She should least for now...but if she doesn't bring more I don't think she's gonna last long.

9) David Archuleta - We Can Work It Out

Ok welll...yesh he totally butchered the lyrics...repeatedly. But he's still not my personal worst...because I still liked his voice...because I've seen more from him in the past...because I think he has more to offer than those I ranked beneath him. Here's to hoping he gets another chance!!

10) Syesha Mercado - Got To Get You Into My Life

Reaalllllyyyy off pitch at the once she got into it the singing was ok. Overall tho just to write home about at all.

11) David Hernandez - I Saw Her Standing There

Well...we knew that some of the greatest songs of all time were bound to be butchered tonight...and this was just...ugh. Like a bad cruise shop performance by a former (very former) boy band member or something. Just ugh.

12) Kristy Lee Cook - Eight Days A Week

Yup. This is the ONLY thing that kept the David Hernandez debacle from being the bottom of the barrel. I dunno even WTF that was. It's like...she should be shot. Twice. Once for butchering a great song...then again for insulting the entire country music genre. But hey...if you always wanted to hear a 'hoedown' version of a Beatles song...sung by a singer who seems a half beat ahead of her band thru the entire thing...then...I guess you voted for Kristy!!

Okies that's it for me....I mean obviously I think Kristy should be the one to go. She should be launched off the stage from a cannon for that horrific performance, in fact, imo. :/

Lemme hear what you're thinking out there, AIers!!! <333

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