Saturday, March 15, 2008

St. Patty's Goodies yeyyyy!!!

For those of you looking to get out and about in SL this weekend and snag some fab St. Pat's-themed stuff...might I suggest the treasure hunt over in Dublin?!!

Vivianne Draper has coordinated a fab trivia contest with lots of great prizes for those who come out and find the clues!!!

CKS Designs & DiVA Designs has teamed up to create the following prize for the contest...but it's only one of go here to get started...and get out there and have some fun!!

Info on the Dublin St Pat's celebration, which will be going the entire weekend, follows...straight from Viv herself!! Enjoy!!

"Tabhair 'om p�g, is �ireannach m� Kiss me, I'm Irish!

Everyone is Irish on St. Patrick's Day and what could be better than St. Patrick's Day in the Dublin Sim? How about St. Patrick's Day on all three Dublin Sims? That doesn't do it for you? Ok how about a huge treasure hunt on all three Dublin Sims?

Look for the clue signs around the Dublin Sim beginning Saturday, 12:01 am, March 15. Find and email the answers and win a prize! Everyone who gets just ONE question right wins the wee prize. People who answer anywhere between 11-29 questions right win the wee prize AND a big box of cool stuff! Those who find and answer all 30 questions correctly win the wee prize, the big box of cool stuff, and a cash bonus!

We'll kick off the hunt Saturday morning, March 15, with an hour-long event at the Art Park in Dublin 3, hosted by DJ Vivianne Draper who will be playing celtic music and helping you get started. The Hunt continues until 12:01 am Tuesday morning, March 18. So look for the clue signs and join us for our St. Patrick's Day treasure hunt on the three Dublin Sims!

We would like to thank the following content creators who have generously donated prizes:

Ookami Ningen
CKS Designs
DiVA Designs
American Shaker Shop
JX Designs
Creative Kaoz
O'Dwyer's Mens Shoes & Accessories
Kaimi's Normal Wear
Love Me Tender
Tartan Shop
The Devil Made Me Do It"

Thanks to Viv for the info and for letting Phay & me be a part of the fun!! <33

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