Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Ok so there's this place I'd had a lil shop rental for a lonnnggggg time...like a year and a half...and just before Thanksgiving they were nice enough to finally get me a lil spot inside the club all my own...deeded the land to me etc...YAYYYYY ME....

....and so what did I do? Well I'll tell you. In a smooth move worthy of the Baltimore Ravens (for those of you who saw last night's game), I went in this morning and for some fool reason turned on autoreturn on my lil piece of land...YAYYYY ME!!!

...and promptly returned half my little shop along with various and sundry other pieces of the club (like the floor just outside my shop)....YAYYYYY ME!!!!!!!

As if that's not bad enough a lot of the pieces still belonged to the original builder of the club SO they didn't even go into the L&F folder of the owner. YAYYYY ME!!!!!!!!

Soooo now I've spent the first part of my afternoon apologizing profusely and attempting to put up something half-ass...er...half-decent that will work until the owner can get the builder back in to fix it. YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY ME!!!!

/me goes to stand in the corner and smack her head against the wall repeatedly


Madison said...

You know, I'm getting the distinct feeling that you might be from Baltimore. In which case, we should really talk. :)

Kit Maitland said...


/me wonders if Madison missed the part where I said I would sell my soul to get the Cleveland Browns a Super Bowl win. :P