Friday, December 28, 2007

And If You're On The CSR Bandwagon....

Ok so I went back to Honey Kitty and went on a shopping spree and managed to collect more cards...*cries*...and of course I can't let unused cards go to waste... my clever friend Furi informs me that if you attach a bunch of cards the thingie will stamp 'em all at YAY!! And as you can see from the pic above you don't even look like a freak or anything!! Who cares if you run into your friends while traipsing around with 28225729752075927592798572985793272738 cards attached at various points on your body?! I mean one snarky remark and they're gonna be on the bad end of the biggest baddest paper cut machine in SL, right? RIGHT?!!!

Have fun CSR'ing! :P

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