Thursday, December 27, 2007

Stamp Rally Madness!!!!

Wheeeeeee!!!!!! I hope everyone's having a wonderful holiday season so far!! It's that time of year when rw is all crazy, and I've not been able to focus much on work...but I've been around a little to do some fun things in world! One of the most fun things I've done this past week is participate in the Creators Stamp Rally...and I enjoyed it so much I wanted to blog a little about it!!

The Creators Stamp Rally, or CSR, is sponsored by a conglomeration of 20 in world shops who are selling designated products that have a CSR2007 Winter Stamp Card inside the package. Each shop also has a stamping machine where you 'stamp' the cards you collect. Once your card has all 20 stamps on it, you can take it to the CSR Event Hall and redeem it for a gift of your choice (each of the 20 participating shops has donated a gift item)!! You can collect a gift for each card you fill out...and the cards are transferrable so you can share with your friends if you like! Or you can do what I did and drag your friends out stamping with you! :)

I had tons of fun running around checking out a lot of shops I'd never or rarely been to...found tons of great merchandise...and, best of all, found that the gifts themselves are very, VERY nice!! There's everything from clothes to skins to furniture to jewelry to guns and on and on and on!!

I'm including some piccies of gifties after the cut give it a click if you wanna check em out (you can click the piccies for a closer look)!! The CSR Event is ongoing through 1/14/ click the link for more info and get out there and nab some goodies while you can!!!

Monochrome Winter from BP*.
This set includes the Skirt, Ear Muffs, Hair, & Eyes.

Snow Punk Girl from Overdrive.

Pompon Scarf from Slow Tempo(2 included in the gift...soooo cute!!!).

Uno the Kitty from Tangram...this little guy is sooooo adorable.
He comes with a version that sits on your shoulder too.

Cherry Bambino from Honey Kitty.
ZOMG!!! Honey Kitty is my new fave shop!! <333333333!!!!
The hair is this pic is also a giftie from Zero Style.

Gardening Set from Kurotsubaki.
This set comes with shorts & a skirt & a prim garden tool belt that's sooo adorable.

White Dra Goth avatar from Mamesando.
This one is AMAZING. It's a complete avatar..including skin, eyes, shape, hair, & clothing.

Bear Bag & Ear Muffs from M-C-H.

Neko-cha Rocking Chair from MnM Design.
This is a fab even squeaks quietly as you rock. :)

White Engineer Boots from Zero Number.
The texturing & detailing on these is incredible...very nice giftie!!

Necklace from Big Boob Boutique.
Earrings and a ring are also included!!

Captain Uniform from Black Knight.
Like a lot of the gifts...this is a complete set.
I was seriously overwhelmed by the quality of these gifts!!

Pretty Jensei outfit from Curious Kitties.
How adorable is that?!! A complete outfit, including hat, shoes, & jewelry.

Cordelia Maid Dress from Edelweiss, where I also found THE most
adorable Alice in Wonderland dress I've ever seen!!

Andddd that about does it for the piccies...but there is SOOO much more great I said...get on out there and nab some of these great goodies while you can!!

Non-Gift Pretties: Skin: Tete a Pied - Vivant Rose 1 in Buff, Hair: Zero Style - Pompadour in Brunet, Turtleneck: CKS Designs - Amarantine Turtleneck in Blue, Coat in the Monochrome Winter Pic: Kurotsubaki - Half Coat in Black, Shoes & Socks in the Main Pic: Edelweiss - Lily School Dress (included in set).


Wednesday Soon said...

omg..the stamp rally is AMAZING..i got a lot of those goodies too!

now, ify ou are looking for the end all be all alice in wonderland outfit...look no further than Edelweiss....they have an absolutely amazing alice dress...with a deck of cards typing anim!

Kit Maitland said...

Oh yeah...I got that dress!! LOVE it!!! <333

Tenshi Vielle said...

Well, I'm glad SOMEONE figured it out!!! :D

Kit Maitland said...

haha...figured out what?!!