Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Newwww Prettieessss WOOOOOHOOOOO

YEYYY finally some new stuffs!!!! :D

So I've had some lingerie on the brain...and am thinking of more to come...but today's set is a lil satin/mesh number that I'm kinda wantin' to just wear around everywhere now cos I like it!!! o.O

It features a bra...two babydoll prim ruffles (cos I couldn't decide which texture/pattern I liked most!!), panties, a garter, & stockings. I also included a panty + garter underpants layer cos I hate it when I can't wear my garters under prim skirts too! <333

As always it's available at CKS Designs & at SLexchange & SLboutique. This one is $L250 and comes in 10 yummy colors...I'm putting up a pic of the red one & of the pack so y'all can get an idea of all the colors!!

Happy Non-Update Wednesday!!!!!!!!! <33333

Pretties: Hair - ETD:Bonita in Copper Burnt, Skin - Celestial Studios Redhead Auburn Tone 30 in Drama, Jewelry - Miriel:Casual Pearls, Shoes - ETD:Color-Change Mary Janes NG, Lashes - Lynnix's Lashes in Feathered.

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Kyushu said...

Wow, very nice Kitty.

I will spend a lot of time holding those pics up with one hand...