Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I'm feeling somewhat atonal :)

So...I felt like doing some playing around with some black & white textures! :)

It's been a while since I delved into Mod territory. I used to made Mod/retro outfits regularly b/c my friend Beck Melville did a lounge invasion event every week and I liked having something new and in theme to wear there. But...after amassing a small collection of what Beck dubbed as my "go-go dresses" I sort of lost interest a bit and turned to other things...andddd rw has pulled Beck away from his regular weekly gigs at The Lodge. Lately, though, I've been in the mood to revisit that territory a bit...and so I worked on this sharply geometric texture...and decided that if my eyes didn't fall out from looking at it in photoshop that it might make a fun little outfit! I decided to call this one 'Assimilation'. I was looking for a word that evoked the concept of 'extreme order'...and maybe a little of that cold war paranoia as well...that's just how this texture came across to me. Probably you know I overthink this stuff. But I like the name anyhow. Why am I rambling about this?!!! Here's a pic! I made stockings and tights. The tights are really more Mod...but I thought some might prefer stockings too..so I tossed in both. Also, the sheer sleeves are worn on the undershirt layer...so the turtleneck can be worn with our without them. <3

So then in my b/w frame of mind...I started thinking about this dress with an inverted V bodice...white on top...black on bottom...and then it sort of evolved into what I have here...which is a set that includes a cpl different skirt styles...a top with or without the sheer lower portion...some leggings...foofy sleeve ruffles...kinda girly and fun and versatile. Sometimes I just make outfits and kinda keep thinking...'Oh that would be nice...and THAT would be nice...'...and before I know it...BOOM...cajillion pieces. But I like to mix & match things from different designers...so hopefully the versatility is helpful. I decided to call this one 'Harmony'. Not sure why...I just liked it. So here's a pic! <33

So that's more info than you ever wanted about the inner workings of Kit's brain right there!!!

Of course both outfits are available at CKS Designs, as well as SLexchange & SLboutique. 'Assimilation' is $L250 & 'Harmony' is $L300. I did put no-txfr version of each into the Mobvends as well...so bring yer homeys & you can get em for up to half off.

Baibai for now! <33333


Assimilation Ad: Skin - Celestial Studios: Charmed Redhead Auburn in Drama Tone 30, Hair - ETD: Modish in Burgundy Burnt, Shoes - Tickled Pink: Luveys in White, Earrings - Gurl6: Silver Hoops

Harmony Ad: Skin - Tete A Pied: Rose Medium in Gamine Cherry, Hair - ETD: Tessa in Black Chromed, Shoes - Shiny Things: Lollys in Blackwhite, Jewelry - Celestial Studios: Lulu Heart Dangle Earrings & Lulu Jellies

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