Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I feel pretty...

...ohhh so prettyyyy!!!!

I haves another new pretty todayyyyy...a sweet little dress I decided to call 'Stella''s a sheath-style cocktail dress with a one-shouldered bodice that ends in rhinestone trim & three thin straps in back. It's very understated...with an asymmetrical system skirt and a little sheer shoulder pouf providing some extra detail. It's available in 5 an extra RFL Exclusive color (shown above) that's only available during RFL season. ;)

Right now it's only available at the CKS Designs RFL Clothing Fair location. Once the fair's over it'll be available at the CKS Designs main shop in Selby.

Individual dresses are $L165, with the pack of 5 (which doesn't include the RFL Exclusive) going for $L415. I'm gonna leave you with some piccies and urge you to get out to the RFL Clothing Fair if you haven't!! <333


Skin - Fleur: Vivant Budoir 3 in Buff, Hair - ETD: Davina II in Crimson Faded, Shoes - Shiny Things: Belles in Black.

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