Monday, March 16, 2009

80's Fabulous!

RFL Season is upon us...and as usual it's kicked off with the RFL Clothing Fair!! If you haven't been yet...what are you waiting for?!!!! There's tons of yummy stuffs to be had...and you can feel good about shopping b/c it's for a great cause, right? RIGHT? Right! ;)

Sooo...I've some newness today that can be found only at the CKS Designs RFL Clothing Fair location for the duration of the fair. After that (the fair ends on 3/22) it'll be available at the CKS Designs main shop in Selby. ;)

I started this set during February...and like a lot of things it started out as one piece with a heart pattern...then evolved into a set. I decided at the time to call it 'Stupid Cupid'...but we all know sometimes life gets in the way and I ended up not finishing it before V-day...BUT...I'd already gotten a substantial portion done so's hard enough naming things the name stuck. :P

Sooo what's I have is a long-sleeved, thermal tee with sculpted cuffs...a short vest...tie...jeans & skirts & sculpted slouchy socks...and it's all really reminiscent of 80's style. Menswear-ish...vibrant colors and patterns...big ol slouchy socks...skinny jeans & denim minis adorned with little patches. It's a very fun set with pieces that are like, totally going to integrate into your wardrobe!

Also there's a set of RFL exclusive colors/patterns that will only be around during RFL best snap those up while you can...and remember...all proceeds (100%) from sales of the RFL Exclusives go to the SL Relay For Life campaign.

SO...I'm going to close out with some pics...starting with a shot of the RFL set then some shots of individual pieces on down! Come on out to the clothing fair and support RFL in Second Life!!! <333

Individual pieces range in price from $L35 to $L120...the RFL set is $L375...and the wholeeeee Kit & Kaboodle is also available for $L1500 (the K&K does *not* include RFL Exclusive colors). As I said...right now they're available at the CKS Designs RFL Clothing Fair location...and they're also available at XStreet SL. Happy Shopping!! <3333


Skin - Fleur: Parfait Deux 4 in Strawberry, Hair - Novocaine: Claudette in Persimmon, Shoes - Action: Action Skate Shoes in Green Suede, Earrings - Celestial Studios Lulu: Chunky Hoops

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