Friday, September 12, 2008

YAYYY Pretties!!

A couple of new dresses today @ CKSD!!

'Victoria' started out with just the sweater...a cropped, crocheted piece with sculpted sleeves and a little sculpted peplum. Then I decided it would pair nicely with a basic knit dress. Soooo I added a black, above-the-knee length ribbed knit dress with a sculpted turtleneck & sleeves...the sort of thing that makes a great staple to your fall/winter wardrobe. The sweater comes in 10 bright colors...and is itself a great piece that will find multiple uses in your inventory!! Here's a couple of pics: ;)

'Caroline' is a sweet, floaty little mod confection of a cocktail dress...a halter-style babydoll with a sculpted collar and flexi skirt that comes in 4 vibrant colors, as well as white. I've been wearing it around (even half-finished :P) for a cpl days now...I'm in love with it!!

'Victoria' is $L275/single or $L630/pack (which includes the dress plus 10 sweaters) and 'Caroline' is $L165/single or $410/pack of 5. Both are available at the CKS Designs Main Shop in Selby as well as SL Exchange & OnRez. Happy weekend! :P <33333


Victoria Ads:

Skin: Fleur - Vivant Chaton 3 in Buff, Hair: Alice Project - Yuki in Dark Medium Brown, Shoes: Redgrave - Sculpted Leather Boots in Black, Earrings: Diamonde - Geometric Jewelry Set

Caroline Ads:

Skin: Fleur - Vivant Feline 3 in Buff, Hair: Aden - Sienna in LightBrown, Shoes: Shiny Things - Belles in Gold

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