Friday, September 05, 2008

I've Been In A Football Frame Of Mind...

...and today's release at CKS Designs is reflecting that a bit. ;)

So once again a small idea blows up into a big one...and what started out as a pullover with changeable letters...ended up as an entire collection of separates. I showed my friend Dot a piccie of the pullover when I'd first started working on it...bemoaning the fact that I was having brain block when it came to thinking of a name (at that time it was still *just* the pullover :P)...and she came up with 'Old School'...which was faboo & perfecto and I begged to be allowed to use it. :P

'Old School' is a sporty collection of separates that make me think of crisp nights & cool days...pep rallies & bonfires...back to school and, of course, football. Pieces include the original pullover with changeable letter...a turtleneck with sculpted collar & sleeves that makes a great wardrobe staple for fall/winter...athletic-style shortie-shorts w/side stripe detail...a teenie cheerleader-style mini that you can wear with or w/o the included panties o.O...and some high-on-the-thigh snuggly fuzzy socks that come with and w/o the contrasting stripe detail. I've been wearing them all week...and it's making me ache to slip into cozy sweaters rw...still a tad too warm here though. :(

Pieces are available in a variety of colors, centered around 5 color combos...and can be purchased separately or in bundles of type and/or color...or the big 'ol Kit & Kaboodle. Prices vary, depending on what you want. I'm including pics of the color packs's the best way I know to give you a peek at everything!!!

As's available at the CKS Designs Main Shop in Selby, and will be up on SL Exchange & OnRez sometime tonight. Happy NFL Week One weekend! ;) <33

Skin: Fleur - Parfait Deux 2 in Strawberry, Hair: Curio - Gertrude in Dark Brown, Shoes: Kitties Lair - Francine Mary Janes in Black

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