Friday, February 08, 2008

Wheeeeeeeeee Valentine's Day Madness!!!!

Yesh...I am still alive...and ready to prove it with a longass post. Trust me'll be worth the read! :P

Buncha stuffs going on the next few days...I have some new on a Valentine's Treasure Hunt...ANDDDDDDDDDDDD...a half price sale on V-Dayish stuffs!!

First up new prettieeessssss...some V-Day themed cuteness & smexxxy lingerie...all of which will be totally great to wear all year round!! :D

A couple of different new lingerie sets...cute & girlie & sexy too! 'Cherished' is a lacy little semi-sheer cropped tee & panty set that comes with an optional flexiprim ruffle and matching stockings...three Valentiney colors are available. 'Wrapped' is a red hot set with a pair of sheer, beribboned boy shorts & seamed stockings, topped off with a red satin ribbon that ties around your chest & finishes in a big red you can make yourself the perfect gift for your Valentine. :P

It's not all about the lingerie however...I've also got a couple of cutie schoolgirl outfits up my sleeve of which you can get absolutely free for a limited time...but more about that in a min....

'Love Hurts' is for all the emo Valentines out there...with a graphic print tank featuring a bloody heart o.O...fishnet shrug & stockings...& a wee little heart argyle mini that can be worn 'modestly' or...not so modestly...what I prefer to start calling the 'Sasy' skirt...the type that lets you put some panties on beneath so they peek out. (We won't go into why I've decided to name it after Sasy...I'm afraid to ask but I'm sure she's being naughty :P).

I also made a unisex, t-shirt version of the graphic tee. This will be available for freeee in the DiS Valentine Treasure Hunt...more to come on that.

Also available in the DiS Valentine Treasure Hunt will be 'Hard Candy'...a schoolgirl outfit in a pretty peachy pink with a little plaid 'Sasy' skirt...a fuzzy cropped sweater with a heart cutout...ruffled anklets...and 6 pairs of panties with conversation heart sayings on the bootay! ;)

So...what praytell is this Treasure Hunt thingie you ask?! Well...the Designers in Seclusion group has orchestrated a little Valentine/Anti-Valentine Treasure Hunt! The hunt will kick off at 1:00am game time on 2/9 and run through 11:00pm game time on 2/11. 40+ of SL's most talented designers are giving you a chance to pick up some cool freebies...simply show up here for info on how to get started!! Be prepared for boxes to be moved to different hiding places within the shops over the weekend! As I said above...CKS Designs will have both a Valentine and an Anti-Valentine treasure be sure you find both!! :P if this isn't enough...last but not least...I've put a display up in the shop with the new pretties and some select V-Day themed outfits & lingerie for a little Valentine's half price sale!! Displayed goodies will be half price starting tonight (2/8) @ 9:00pm game time...running thru 11:00pm game time on 2/14!! 'Hard Candy' & the 'Love Hurts Tee' will not go on sale at all until after the DiS Valentine Treasure Hunt is over...but they will be on sale at half price afterward, until the sale is finished!!

So now that you have NO excuse for not getting out there and getting yourself all dolled up for the occasion...limber up those shopping fingers and get busy!!!

As always, all items available at the CKS Designs Main Shop in Selby, and at OnRez & SL Exchange. Regular prices are: Cherish Lingerie $L195/single or $L295/set of three, Wrapped Lingerie $L165, Hard Candy $L245, Love Hurts $L260/outfit $L75/t-shirt. Tons of layers are included for maximum versatility & Smart Skirts are included in Hard Candy & Love Hurts.

OK...pretties to follow and then I'm off to reduce those prices. <3333


Cherished Ads: Skin - Fleur Vivant: Less Than 3 in Buff 1, 2 & 3, Hair - ETD: Kizzy in Cinnamon Burnt, Shoes - Minx: Sweet As Sin in Pink, Red, & White, Earrings - Diamonde: Simple Earrings in Silver

Wrapped Ad: Skin - Fleur Vivant: Lalique in Buff 3, Hair - 0 Style: Pompadour in Brunet, Shoes - Tesla: Gwyneth in Red, Earrings - Sinful Shades: Stacey in Cherry

Love Hurts Ads:

Female: Skin - Fleur Vivant: Biba in Buff 2, Hair - Deviant Kitties: Akuma in Black Red, Boots - Zero Number: Engineer Boots in Black, Earrings - Celestial Studios: Lulu Heart Dangle Earrings, Choker - Kikis Closet: Chain Choker in Black

Male: Skin - Fleur Vivant: Fresh Faced in Buff, Hair - Armidi: The Emo One in Dark Auburn, Shape - Lemon: Lonestar (Track 8 Collection)

Hard Candy Ad: Skin - Fleur Vivant: Candy in Buff 2, Hair - Kin: Candi in Orange, Shoes - Minx: Sweet As Sin in White, Earrings - Ame True: Essential Hoop Earrings in Platinum.

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Arianna Psaltery said...

eeeeeee So glad you're back and so glad you're participating in the hunt :) I snagged some of your valentine outfits earlier :D