Thursday, January 17, 2008

So You Wanna Be A DiVA?!!

Well then you're in luck!!

In upcoming episodes of DiVAS, there's going to be a big need for an in world group has been founded for those who'd like to come join us in the fun!!

If you're interested, and you KNOW you are!, please read all the info and boring but necessary legalese after the cut, then join the DiVAS ExTRAS group and let's have some fun!!! <333

The DiVAS ExTRAS group will be available to all residents interested in particpating in the show. Casting calls will be announced at the producers discretion, any time of the day or night, weekend or weekday so all time zones are encouraged to join. DiVAS celebrates many things, especially social diverity. It is the colorful people who populate our world that make it entertaining! And we need people from all walks of Second Life; Men, women, humans, elves, furries, tinies, young, old, vampires, every shape and size you can imagine.

**Note** This is a non-paid position. Participation is completely voluntary. DiVAS is a non-commercial entity.

We politely request you have a current photo on your profile! We need to know what you look like! We also request that you do not Instant Message the cast or crew for information on call times. We rarely are capable of providing advance notice, so our announcements for casting will be random. We can only consider group members who are online at the time of the call.

Remember: filming can take a considerable amount of time. If you are engaged in an activity or have obligations within one (1) hour of the call, please do not respond to a call. This is for the sake of continuity.

We hope you consider having some fun with us!

And because our Lawyers say so, here is the legal fine print.

* An invitation to participate in DiVAS does not suggest or imply that the participant posseses any ownership of the series, in whole or in part, the episode in which they may appear, storylines, ideas, concepts, characters, nor does inclusion imply a partnership with or between the production company, or any of it’s subsidiaries with the participant.

* Participant understands and agrees that an invitation or inclusion does not permit them any authority to act on behalf of the show, it’s creator, cast, crew or production entity, nor does it entitle any individual to represent themselves as a designated figure or spokesperson, or to negotiate on behalf of the show, the cast or production crew, with any third party.

* Participant understands that their inclusion in a filmed sequence does not guarantee their appearance in the final product.

* Participant understands and fully acknowledges the intention to film, promote, publicsize and openly exhibit in any form, at the producers discretion, material which may or may not contain the participants Virtual Avatar (Considered their intellectual property) and behaviors currently or at any point in the future.

* Participant understands and agrees that while they maintain ownership of their intellectual properties entirely, voluntary participation in DiVAS immediately grants the entity permission to use sequences in which they appear at any point in the future without advance notice or compensation to the individual, and that all filmed material in which the Avatar may or may not appear, regardless of content, remains property of the production entity indefinitely and the production entity harbors no responsibility to the individual involved.

* Participant understands upon entering into this agreement with the DiVAS production that they release the series, it’s creators, cast and production crew of all liability, claims or actions against them as a result of their participation.

* Producers reserve the right to remove any individual from an active shoot or the group at any time. Harrassment, intolerance or abuse of any sort is not tolerated. Any individual detracting from the collective effort with disruptive behavior or actions that otherwise delays or inhibits the goal of completion of a filmed sequence will be removed without exception.

* While a participant may leave the group at any time or chose not to participate, after their inclusion in a filmed sequence they may NOT request footage be ammended to exclude their virtual avatar once footage has been arranged or completed should it negate the efforts of other participants or effect the quality, continuity, or completion of the filmed product. All filmed material is owned by the DiVAS production entity.

* Participant understands and agrees that no compensation is offered in ANY currency, virtual or otherwise, in return for their involvment, nor are any materials, favors, or exchanges made between DiVAS and the participants now or in the future.
* Participant agrees to sign a release form stating their awareness of intention to publically display filmed material, as well as the terms set forth in above paragraphs. In this, they license DiVas productions the right to use on the filmed image of their self-operated Virtual Avatar in the production of DiVAS solely for the purpose of this production without compensation and that their image will never be used for anything outside the DiVAS production.

- A more detailed agreement is provided upon invitation to participate which requires the participant to copy/paste to a new notecard, with the virtual signature of their represented Avatar and returned to a production authority for filing. The notecard must have the virtual timestamp embedded and show the participant as the creator to be considered a binding acceptance of terms.

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