Monday, July 16, 2007

That Music Thingie Over There

Sooo..I updated my music thingie again..

I've been using the Imeem doohickiethingermajiggie but they've gone to a lot of 30 second clips. I really cba to dig up any info on why but basically keeping a list of things you find there is a pita cos you never know when they're gonna be truncated.

Also I don't want to spend 82 hours uploading musics to Imeem simply so I can blog it sooo..I've decided to just start a new list and upload songs here and there as I feel like it. Which means there is the strong possiblity it could NEVER be updated again. o.O


Anyway for whatever reason this past weekend I've been on a No Doubt kick...and I just had forgotten what a wonderful song 'Running' is. So there you's the only song on the list for now...but I can totally deal with hearing it when I load my blog cos I just think it's so sweet and perfect.

Someday I'll add more songs to the list. <33

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