Saturday, May 16, 2009

Wheeeee more newness!!

So as promised...a cpl more new dresses today @ CKSD! ;)

First up is a little summery confection with a dangerously cleavage-y square cut bodice. It didn't start OUT this cleavage-y...but...I kept adjusting...and adjusting...and then I LIKED the cleavage-y so there it stayed. The texture on this one is a soft 3 color gradient that sorta reminded me of those rocket pops we used to get when we were kids. (And well...if you don't know what a rocket pop is uhm...look here!) Therefore, I decided to call it 'Rocket Pop'. Cos hey, once I have a name, who am I to question that?!! It's finished off with a floaty layered prim skirt and I am just LOVING this dress. Summer can't come soon enough!!! This one comes in 4 yummeh colors:

A little while back, Tesa Jewell blogged about these fantastic go-go boots from Kakaue Kreation which of course I had to run right over and purchase. Back when I started designing, mod-era clothing was something I was very inspired by and I did a lot of mod designs...and these boots inspired me to want to make more! One of the first designs I ever made (long before I started blogging) was a dress called 'Mode' which featured a vertical half-black/half-white pattern. Since I HOPE I'm a better designer than I was in early 2006...I decided to do another version using this same color block pattern...hence 'Mode II'. It's the first time I've ever done a new version of an old design...I feel so OLD! :P It's not a redo of the original but rather a different style of dress using the same color pattern. This one is a sleek, short mini with a halter-style bodice. I bemoan the sl templates which allow us only one sleeve and one I couldn't make contrasting sleeves or tights...but I still think it's pretty hot. ;)

'Rocket Pop' is $L140/single or $L280/pack of 4 & 'Mode II' is $L140. All are available of course at the CKS Designs Main Shop in Selby as well as XStreet SL

Happy weekend! <33


Rocket Pop Ads:

Skin - Fleur: Allure Audacious 3 in Truffle, Hair - Truth: Sehra in Copper, Shoes: Shiny Things - Kelly Sandals in White, Jewelry - Caroline's Jewelry: Cupcake Charm Set in Gold

Mode II Ad:

Skin - Fleur: Parfait Trois 4 in Strawberry, Hair - Armidi: The Poynter in Ginger I, Boots - Kakaue Kreations: Gogo Boots in Black & White, Earrings - Celestial Studios: Lulu Chunky Hoops, Bracelet - CKS Designs: Chelsea Outfit

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TeSa said...

OMG Kit!! I LOVE IT! It is PERFECT with the GoGo Boots! You ROCK!