Wednesday, May 28, 2008

So Yeah

The other day I got chided (by Phay :P) b/c I hadn't blogged since March 30...and at some point this morning while I was out and about I remembered my chiding and thought...'damn she's right...I think I'll blog when I get home!'.

So here I am with my venti Doubleshot on Ice (b/c evidently, according to Starbucks, people only want honey in the winter but *nothing* screams summer like 4 shots of espresso in a 24-oz cup) wondering...well...lessee...hmmm...what exactly do I have to say? And the answer is...sorta nothing...sorta a lot...blah blah blah.

I had started on posts about American Idol, but frankly the entire season was too 'eh' for me to care that much. Sure there were some great funny moments etc along the way...but all in all it was just like...well...'eh'. Hard to care that much. I'd much rather blog about 'Lost'...but if I did that y'all would be begging me to stfu after one post. Let's say I'm slightly obsessed. :P's a *Second* Life I should get to what's been going on/what's coming up in my SL.

I've sorta had a break from designing/CKS work...mostly because other things have been filling up my time...and also b/c sometimes well...I just don't wanna design I guess. However, in the past month CC has been working on a shop rebuild...and I have been working on pricing/ad redesign for us. Andddd we've both been working on new pretties this week...and plan to continue doing so. So look for an announcement soon on that...once we decide when we wanna go in and put the new shop and goodies up!! It's always fun to get back into it after a break...and I'm really excited about the new build and the new ideas we've both been working on...can't wait to have it all pulled together & show it off!!

Also we have the big season finale of DiVAs coming up. If you've been following along on the DiVAs Blog then you've seen Phay's marvelous trailer for the finale. Having seen a preliminary final edit...I can honestly say that viewers are in for a real treat. I don't want to give *anything* away...but definitely expect the unexpected. I've watched Phay & Evie grow so much over the course of these 6 episodes in their technical skills...and I really think everyone is going to be awed with what they've done with this one. I'm so proud of both of them...and so honored to be a part of this incredible, amazing creative journey. We're going to be having an in-world screening of the stay tuned for info on that!

Also on a machinima friend Tuber Potato, who directed a machinima version of the Ray Bradbury short story 'The Veldt' last summer, (it can be viewed here), will be directing another machinima based on a famous short story in the next couple of months. I won't say more as again I don't want to give anything away...but it's another project I'm very excited about participating in.

What else...welll...ok so anyone who knows me knows that I love ( obsessed with) football. (yeah, American football...stop groaning you know who you are) My friend Dot, who also loves football, suggested we start a football blog this fall...and I am so psyched about the idea!! I suggested we also have an SL fantasy football league. Anyone out there who has some interest in that (if you've read this far :P) drop me an email/notecard/something. Serious fans only please...those who know how to trash talk etc. :P

Also there's the little matter of the sim that CC & I have spent the past 3 months on. Terraforming. Reterraforming. Putting up houses. Putting up new houses. Reterraforming. Etc. (It's personal space, not shop space.) I've learned that I love terraforming (who knew?!) and I hate building (more like trying to build) waterfalls. :/

ANDDDDD then there's this Jim Honey dude. Good-looking, rebellious type. Prone to mischief. Maker of extraordinary animations. I really love spending time with him. Lots of time. <33 :)

So there we go...(Phay...I BLOGGED!!)...stuff I've been up to...stuff I'm being up to...stuff I'm gonna be up to etc. Like I said..stay tuned....


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